Call or text Trina at 403-392-4406 or Jarod at 403-872-2499


Please pre-book for guaranteed availibility.


All Rentals are 2 Adult Minimum Charge.

"OVERNIGHTER" Rentals Include

Everything you need to have a comfortable fishing trip including:

Solar Power ~ USB Charger ~ Led Lights ~ Underwater Camera with 24" Monitor ~ Rod ~ Gear ~ Bait ~ Holes drilled inside and out ~ Ice scoop ~ Tip ups ~ Propane furnace ~ Propane stove ~ Barbeque ~ Drinking and Cooking Water Included ~ Dishes ~ Utensils ~ Pots and pans ~ Bunk beds ~ Table and chairs ~ Each overnighter has their own outhouse ~ 1 women's only outhouse

Cancellation Policy of 14 days for the Overnight Cabins

Bait and Firewood Included

For your convenience, your 8 x 8 wooden cabin will be pre-heated with a wood stove and accommodates 8 people.

When you arrive at your cabin, you will find 10" holes have been pre-drilled in the ice.

The lines will be tied for you and you will have the use of an underwater camera with a 24" monitor!!
You will actually be able to see the fish swimming below the ice!!
It just doesn't get much better than that!!

You will also receive helpful hints on how to catch the fish of these lakes such as:
Pike ~ Perch ~ Whitefish ~ Burbot ~ Walleye


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